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LCD TV s are modern digital equipment using liquid crystal displays to indicate pictures. An LCD display is actually composite microscopic window panes that flicker from opaque to clear when they are powered with electrons. The crystals react to the light source – most of the times a fluorescent lamp – and display a given shape or image sequence. The pixels that form the LCD screen have the ability to get turned on and off very quickly, thus allowing moving pictures to be shown on screen.

LCD TV s are some of the most desireable items in electronic boutiques across the world. There are many factors that contribute to the success of LCD tvs, such as image quality and the elegant flat design of the TV. Although their prices were discouraging not long ago, in todays world we see a large selection of LCD TV models and an ever- increasing quality of the products. LCD TVs have a large range of functionality, as they can also be used as computer monitors. Some classic TV fans will dispute that there are also a couple of important cons against LCD technology, such as the limited viewing angle, but the majority of consumers sees the rewards.

Competition for the LCD TV is intense. The main two competitors are plasma TVs and the classic CRTs. Plasma TVs work in differently than LCD TVs – they have a layer of special gas cornered between two translucent walls. A multitude of very thin wires covers the outside part of the screen. Whenever an electrical impulse courses across a wire, it induces the gas to react and glow, thus producing color. Similar to LCD TVs, by quickly turning on and off the screen pixels the TV emulates movement.

The Cathode ray tube – CRT – TVs are still dominant on the market. Although they lack the elegant design of the LCD and plasma TVs, CRTs are cheaper and offer excellent image quality. However, as time goes by, we see more and more progress with LCD TVs. The sleek, space saving design and long lasting promise that the manufacturers offer are some of the arguments in favor of LCD TVs. As the competition between LCD TVs and plasma TVs continues, the consumers are the main beneficiaries, as numbers drop lower and the sharpness of the products improves.

New tv’s are constantly being introduced to the market, the only way I’ve found to know which are the good deals is to read the discussions and href=””>LCD tv reviews that exist in different places on the internet. It’s only by sharing that we can learn the truths about the different television models.


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