I have decided to try to regain some strength in my shoulders following the surgery I had after the car accident. One of the exercises that I have always wanted to be able to do is Pull-Ups. I have decided to take up the challenge and work my way up to 20 Pull-Ups.

The first problem is that I don’t have a pull-up bar and I am not ready to spend hundreds of dollars to purchase a home gym that has an attached pull-up bar. So I have decided to investigate what stand alone pull-up bars are available to purchase, that are easily installed – probably going to have to be in the basement if I know my wife.

If you would like to follow along and learn how to add a pull-ups bar to your home gym, then stick around and see what I have found.

First of all let me tell you that I know absolutely nothing at this point about what pull-ups bar to choose or how to install it once I get one. Hopefully by the end of this research and review, I will know and you will too if you stick around, exactly how to install a pull-ups bar that will be inexpensive, strong[I’ve got quite a load to lift] and of course safe to use. Oh, yeah…..I don’t want to damage any part of my house installing it or using it…..my wife would kill me 😉

I was motivated to try this by an infomerical I saw for an exercise program called Power 90. What I have found is that there are any number of pull-up bars available to purchase with prices ranging from about Twenty Dollars to Several Hundred Dollars. There are also instructions on how to make your own pull-up bars from a variety of different materials.

I have see a lot of ads lately for what they call a door-gym system, or a door pull-up bar. This is something to consider if you have no permanent place to install a pull-up bar, or you want it to be portable for some reason. I would just be afraid that with my weight I would damage the door molding or the drywall around the door if I made this choice. They look easy to install, but I’m not sure how sturdy they are or how safe they would be for me to use.

Here are the best candidates for you home gym and how that can be installed: