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Your plasma television is a major investment and you want to showcase it to its best advantage. When purchasing a TV stand for your plasma TV, appearance is everything. You want a stand that will look good and be a perfect fit for your television. Presentation plays an important role in the kind of stand you will select. Another deciding factor in what kind of plasma television stand to buy is where you want to place the television.

Since plasma TVs are usually wider than standard televisions, the plasma stand you select will be larger in size. If you are upgrading from a standard TV to a plasma television, you might have to find a totally new location for the stand itself.

Plasma stands provide display and shelving options designed specifically for heavier plasma TVs. Combining strength with stability, extra-wide TV stands can accommodate plasma screens as well as the larger direct view TVs. Before making a final selection, check the manufacturer’s product information for weight capacity.

A plasma TV stand should enhance your viewing environment. When selecting a stand for your plasma television, take into consideration the existing furniture in the room. You will want to match the color and style of the stand to the other furnishings.

What kind of effect would you like to achieve? If you would like to make the plasma television stand a focal point of the room, select a classic wood stand with a rich warm finish. For an edgy, contemporary feel, if you would like to create the illusion that the television is “floating,” choose a stand made of glass and metal.

Metal plasma TV stands are durable, strong and easy to assemble. Many types of metal plasma stands include glass shelving. They tend to be sleek and stylish, typically open concept in design. When selecting a metal plasma stand that includes glass, make sure that it is tempered, since it will be stronger and safer than regular glass.

A plasma TV cabinet can be made of a variety of materials including wood, metal and wood and metal. They generally offer enclosed storage options for tapes, DVDs and other accessories that hide them for view. A plasma lift television stand resembles a cabinet, but has a built-in lift mechanism that raises the plasma TV for viewing purposes and lowers it when not in use. When retracted inside the cabinet, the television is protected from potential damage. A plasma lift TV stand tends to be larger and heavier than other types of TV cabinets for plasma televisions.

Pedestal TV stands are great for displaying your plasma screen because they put the focus on the television itself and create that floating in space effect. However, because the base is narrower than the width of the television, extra precautions must be taken to stabilize the TV. Depending on the manufacturer, a pedestal TV may also include bolts so that it can be secured to a wall.

A corner television stand might be the ideal decorating solution for a smaller or awkward-shaped room. Designed to fit into a corner, corner TV stands still offer the wide counter dimensions needed to properly display your plasma screen, while utilizing an area that might otherwise be considered “dead” space. Since they are available in a wide variety of styles and materials, you’re sure to find a corner television stand that will perfectly match your decor.

A swivel TV stand is the ideal way to obtaining optimum viewing from your plasma screen, allowing you do adjust the line-of-sight. They come in a variety of different styles and designs. When selecting the right swivel stand for your plasma TV, make sure that it will accommodate the television; also check the weight capacity.

The type of plasma TV stand you choose will mostly depend on the size and weight of your television and how you would like to display it. With these basic guidelines, choosing a plasma stand should be a simple and enjoyable experience.


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