The Best Plasma TV – 6 Rules For Choosing the Best Plasma TV
By Mishelle Jagodzinski

Rule #1 – Set a budget

The first thing you need to do in order to choose the best plasma TV for your needs is set a budget. Unfortunately most people think …I’ve got $2,000 to put toward a new TV so I can afford the $1,999 model and still have to scrounge up the money for the tax. No, No, No! That is not a budget! These TVs are much more high tech than what we are used to. This is not a normal TV and there are other costs you need to consider when choosing the BEST for you and your family.

TV Budget

Delivery Cost $_______
*It can be difficult to fit a 65 inch plasma in your trunk!
Installation & Set up Cost $_______
*Professional installer is trained to do it right! TV Stand or wall mounting $_______
*If you are not using the stand that comes with the Television
HDTV cables for gaming systems, etc. $_______
*Check your owner’s manual to see what is required.
Extended Warranty $_______
*Manufacturers warranty usually only last 1 year
Taxes $_______
*Gotta pay Uncle Sam! Check local tax rates
The Best Television I can afford! $_______
*Now what can you really spend on the actual TV?

Total $_______

Rule #2 – Choosing the right size
Bigger is not always better. In order to choose the best television size for your viewing space here are a few guidelines.

Best TV viewing range:
37″ plasma (6 – 10 feet viewing range)
42″ plasma (8 – 12 feet viewing range)
50″ plasma (10 – 14 feet viewing range)
60″ or 65″ plasma (14+ feet viewing range)

Rule #3 – Get your new TV delivered
If it takes more than 1 person to carry your plasma television have someone deliver it for you. Once you walk out the door with it you are responsible for it. If you have it delivered, the delivery service is liable if they drop or damage your new plasma TV.

Rule #4 – Have a professional install your plasma TV
Have a professional install it! In order to truly have the best experience a trained technician will adjust all the settings, mount it where you want it and hook up all your other equipment. This is worth every penny so you don’t waste your time, energy and sanity trying to do it yourself. This is just one thing that most people should not try to do themselves. The best installer will be certified by the brand name you purchase.

Rule #5 – Stay away from off brands
I can’t stress this enough the best TVs are made by reputable manufactures. Don’t settle for less because if you do you may end up with a very expensive piece of junk.

Rule #6 – Extend your warranty
The average television manufacturer’s warranty is 1 year. Most offer extended warranties for 3 years. If you have invested thousands of dollars for your plasma TV don’t you think you should protect your investment? Keep on the lookout for the best warranty while selecting the TV the suits you best.

The staff at Plasma VS LCD TV strive to better educate the public so you can make the best decision about what suits your needs. You can avoid spending a great deal of time, money and frustration if you educate yourself before you choose which HDTV is best for you. Visit us at to get your questions answered or to share your experiences with our staff and our visitors. Our wish for you is that you prosper beyond your wildest dreams! From Mishelle J and the staff at Plasma vs LCD

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